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Areas of law

A van den Heuvel delivers services in the following areas of law:

  • employment law
  • Alien or immigration law

In the area of employment law you can expect services regarding matters such as:

Dismissals procedures at court or the UWV (as per Dutch law employers have to seek permission from the judicial authorities for dismissing an employee, which could be requested on personal grounds, such as disfunctioning, gross misconduct, et cetera, or be due to redundancies because of reorganization, etc.); setting up, checking or amending employment contract; issues related to changes in employment and labor conditions, illness and disability, et cetera.

Termination negotiations
Often a Dutch employer will prefer to part ways without having to go through expensive or unsure dismissal request procedures at court (or UWV) and therefore request the employee instead to terminate his employment voluntarily. In that case they will offer him or her a termination deal. Please note that there is no mandatory obligation to agree, but once an employee does, it is important to understand that such a deal falls outside of the employment law protections. It is basically a no rules negotiation between two parties where anything could be offered or denied. Given the complexities of this process, involving a lawyer specialized in employment law and with experience as a negotiator on behalf of the employee may be a good option. Although in such a voluntary process therefore no guarantees on outcome can be given (since no rules can be relied on or rights can be demanded), an experienced negotiator can obtain a better deal then what the employer offers. Mr. Van den Heuvel is an experienced negotiator and he can be hired for this service as well.

With regard to alien/immigration law mr. Van den Heuvel offers assistance regarding permit applications at the Immigration and Naturalisation Service (IND). He can handle your residency application for the purpose of work or family or other purposes, be it an application under national immigration law or under EU law (for residency with family members from EU states who reside in the Netherlands in the context of European freedom of movement and work). The added advantage mr. Van den Heuvel can offer you is that he himself has been for years an IND legal officer, having dealt for them with permit applications. So he can give you inside knowledge and experience.