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A van den Heuvel Advocatuur

A van den Heuvel Advocatuur works together with and holds office at Maaldrink Vermeulen Advocaten in The Hague (

Mr. G.H.A. van den Heuvel is specialized in employment law and alien or immigration law, and further delivers services in the general area of civil and administrative law.

Concerning employment law, mr. van den Heuvel delivers services to employers and both Dutch and foreign (migrant) workers. You can hire his services for all employment related issues, such as setting up or analyzing employment contracts, issues related to illness and re-integration, labor conflicts and (mutually agreed) termination negotiations, dismissal cases (at court of UWV), et cetera.

Mr. van den Heuvel also specializes in alien or immigration law. He handles applications for residency for all purposes (work, family and others), administrative appeals and higher appeals at court. An added advantage A van den Heuvel can offer, is that he himself has previously worked as legal officer for the Dutch Immigration Service (8 years, until 2018).

See for more information the link 'legal areas'.

NB the general conditions of Maaldrink Vermeulen Advocaten are applicable to assignment agreements with A van den Heuvel Advocatuur.